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  • Creating a calendar

    The first calendar I made as Christmas gifts for my family was in 2008. Which means 2018 marks the 10th edition! Here is a little recap of how they come together. 

    Original art for Baxter & Jackson 2018 calendar

    First the fun part! I paint. Lots and lots of little paintings. I find inspiration everywhere: tiles, magazines, metal work, children's books, fabric, rugs, logos. 

    Baxter & Jackson Calendar Art edited

    I scan my favorites and start editing. I am play with scale, repeat and colors in photoshop. 

    I pick my 12 favorites (and try really hard not to have a calendar that is entirely pink or blue). 

    I add hand painted dates and finalize the layout.

    2018 Baxter & Jackson calendar piles

    Then the printers in Boise produce copies and I package them.


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