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  • Kneebone

    American Capital Advisory just completed its new office space in downtown Ketchum. And because my husband is more interested in building his business than picking out tile I got to be the de facto designer and project manager. 

    Across the hall from the office, they built a three bedroom condo. This is where I got to have some real fun! Here are some pictures that Josh Wells of Sun Valley Photo took for articles in Big Life Magazine and Sun Valley Property News. You will notice lots of Baxter & Jackson pillows and I look forward to using the space for new product shots! 

    Kneebone Living room

    kneebone kitchen

    kneebone dining area

    kneebone outdoor porch

    And these are the not so professional photos...


    There are still a few key pieces missing from the office, but I will share those images eventually!

  • My Home Town: Breakfast and Lunch Edition

    Whenever I visit somewhere I love reading about shops and restaurants from locals. So here is another list of my favorites around Ketchum, Idaho. 

    Konditorei - I love the Chai Latte and their chocolate croissants! And walking around Sun Valley Village is really fun with the kids. Or perusing the shops is fun too if you don’t have kids in tow.

    Sun Valley Konditorei

    Stanley Baking Co. & Cafe – Take a drive up and over Galena. Go for a hike or a dip in the lake, but most importantly start your day at The Stanley Bakery. It is only open seasonally, so be sure to check before you make the drive. And when you go be sure to get the oatmeal pancakes. If you are feeling like you are more in an egg mood: order the pancakes as an appetizer to “share”. I have spent years working on my own oatmeal pancake recipe inspired by The Bakery!

    Stanley Baking Co. & Cafe

    Big Wood Bread – They have two locations in Ketchum so if you are meeting someone make sure you know which one. In town is convenient for pickup or in the summer the patio is nice, but if you want to sit inside during the colder months the industrial area location is best. My favorite menu items are the cilantro lime salad and the tuna melt.

    KB’s - I just love their fish tacos (and if I really want to mix it up I go for the shrimp tacos).

    Wrap City - I always grab a Chinese Chicken Salad Wrap before catching a flight. They travel well and are much better than anything that you can find in the SLC Airport.

    Galena Lodge – Another drive and seasonal spot, but this one is on the south side of Galena pass. Go for a Nordic ski or snowshoe and then hit the lodge for some of the best soup around. Every thing they make is amazing, but there is something about coming in from the cold and getting a warm bowl of soup!

    Galena Lodge

  • My Hometown Guide - Ketchum, Idaho

    It is always fun to have visitors in town and an excuse to go out to lunch and wander the streets of Ketchum. My mom was here to celebrate my daughter Marie's birthday. Here are our top shops to visit:

    The Picket Fence

    I love their furniture and accessories and they carry some of my favorite brands; Simon Pearce, Malin + Goetz, and Coral & Tusk.


    A beautifully curated home goods and tabletop store. The owner, Terri, has an incredible eye!

    Huck & Paddle

    Huck & Paddle

    My go to shop for gifts for my sisters or girl friends. I can always find a fun piece of jewelry, little pouch or scarf. 

    Willow Papery

    I love beautiful paper products and getting to see them in person. They also carry Baxter & Jackson note cards and calendars!

    Lone Star

    Lone Star

    Ok, this one is 14 miles south of Ketchum, but worth a trip! Fantastic furniture. Some of my favorite pieces from my home have come from here. 


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